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Adults  6,00€
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Discounts for students, seniors, disablilty certificate and Vienna-Card.
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 Our Motives

As long as torture is not prosecuted & punished everywhere in the world, torturing will not stop. The boundary between justice and injustice is not at the disposal of a country's leadership. In the end a society which is intentionally indifferent towards both victims of torture and the torturers themselves, has neither an ethical nor an actual sense a place for those who are not willing to be one or the other, for the victim of torture and the torturer himself belong to that society. (E. Peters)

The organisers of this museum are strongly opposed to torture. As such, the purpose of exhibiting the tools of torture, execution, and punishment is to act as a warning. In keeping with this purpose, the curators of this museum have endeavoured to make the exhibition as educational as possible, as well as entertaining.

 Torture Museum Vienna

The History of Torture is a public exhibition which details the development of physical punishment from antiquity to early modern times. The exhibition is based upon well-documented historical methods of torture, and our original exhibits are extended through the incorporation of academic texts, as well as tapestries and illustrations. Furthermore, our exhibits are currently accompanied by a special exhibition on “Torture Today” by Amnesty International.

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Foltermuseum Wien
Fritz-Grünbaum Platz 1
1060 Vienna, Esterhazypark
U3 - Neubaugasse
Exit: Amerlingstraße
In cooperation with:
Amnesty International